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Important Facts To Know Before Constructing The Modern Bathrooms

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The most personal room for a person’s me time is the washroom: (anonymous).

A place human is using for personal hygiene since ages is called a bathroom. Humans are trying to master the art of designer bathroom accessories manufacturers in India since the dawn of time and what is more wonderful then decorating own house? Every corner of a house says something about the owner they say. Bathroom is the most important part of a modern housing. Bath room is the only private place of a modern family house when a human shares all other parts of the house with the family members.

Essentially it is a place for personal hygiene. It contains a shower, taps for cold and/or hot water, a bathtub in some place, a washbasin or sink and a toilet in modern housings. Each social environment has their own specifications of a bathroom where some of them require a toilet in a bathroom where some likes the toilet part to be separate depending upon the space available. In modern times when most of the housings have limited spaces available it is a necessity to have toilets adjoin with bathrooms. This leads to the most innovative ideas of having unique designs for better placements of all the required essentials in a bathroom area.

As the History suggests bathing was not always a personal affair in fact it was a social affair to have bath in public bathing places once upon a time. May be because the lack of instruments to make water easily available for every home pushed people to have public baths because we can see the upper class homes even then had their own bathrooms, sometimes collective for the whole clan but they were never the public bath places.

Different types of bathrooms have their different names at different places like in some parts its called washroom where as in other its been called restroom the names have also been bathroom, gusalkhana and a few more but a few popular types are:

  • Bathroom is the place contains a shower, a toilet, a sink and a bathtub.
  • Suite bathroom is the place adjoin and accessible only from a bedroom.
  • Family bathroom is accessible to all family members and is not connected with any room
  • Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared bathroom connecting a room to the other.
  • Wet room is a waterproof room used to occupant a shower inside. It is designed to keep the moisture inside it and is most commonly used in housings made of wooden floorings.

A few accessories required for an ideal bathroom are Towels, Attic, Taps, Heater, Electric devices, Lighting, Toilet seat, exhaust, Wet-room, Tiles, Washbasin and Mirror.

  1. Plumbing part of a toilet includes the internal Inlet pipe system for taps and shower and Outlet for waste collected from washbasin and toilet.

a). Taps are an important part for a bathroom as they serve the main purpose of regulating the water inside and makes sure of the water quantity and quality required is coming.

b). Shower is an accessory required in a modern bathroom to have a better experience of personal hygiene.

c). Washbasin aka sink is required to maintain the water outlets to make sure the waste water does not spill inside the bathroom. In past we have also seen bidet sink which has been used to wash gentiles separately from the toilets.

d). Toilets are the required sinkholes in a bathroom to outlet the body waste and cleaning the interior organs. Toilets usually have a chair like seat and waterproof walls to make sure no spillage come out in the bathroom area.

2. Waterproofing part in a bathroom includes wet rooms and tiles to save the out walls from the moisture comes out of the bathroom.

a). Wet-rooms are usually two or three parts of glass connected to an inner wall of the bathroom to contain the moist inside it.

b). Tiles are used on the open space of walls covering the glass part of wet-room. Tiles can be placed on the whole area exposed to moisture in some cases where there is no wet-room installed.

3. Electricity inside a bathroom works to regulate the lighting inside and to let the moist out of the bathroom. It also serves for the electric devices like heater and dryer in a bathroom.

a). Lighting in a bathroom is important to be installed carefully due to the moist conditions inside. Lights should be placed above the shower heights to avoid any water contacts.

b). Exhaust in bathrooms using hot water is a must to make sure the place doesn’t get too humid to breath and this also serves to lose bacteria and having a hygienic bathroom area.

c). hand dryers are nowadays an important accessory in modern bathrooms. Although a power output far from the wet area is preferred now a days to use multiple accessories like electric shaver, hand dryers and face steamers in a single socket.

4. Decoration inside a bathroom includes towel rails, Mirrors and cupboard.

a). Towel rails are used to carry towels and other wearable near the shower to minimize the water spill inside the area. Heated towel rails make sure the moisture inside doesn’t affect the towel’s quality.

b). Mirrors are usually placed in a corner to use with electric devices for a better experience. Mirrors however also used to give bathroom a spacious look. Many designer bathroom accessories manufacturers in India are providing mirrors in customize designs on request.

c). cupboards are used to contain the other accessories important in a bathroom like the soaps, shower gel and shampoo. This also can be placed near the corner side of mirror.

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