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Several Cleaning Methods for Your Door Handles and Hinges

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Admit it. You never thought of cleaning door handles before coronavirus pandemic. We all ignored that we likely to use door knobs and handles every day without cleaning them generously. We keep our home neat and clean but never pay heed to our door handles who may be infected with viruses and germs due to frequent use. The built-up grime, dirt, and micro bacteria can reach to you to make you sick. An average small house has minimum two dozen knobs, hinges, and knockers that people neglect to clean.

Here, Olive Worlds experts understand that cleanliness and the beauty of your doors is critical and so the solid security. In this post, we will talk about important tips to clean the most common materials that hinges, door knobs, and knockers are made from. Wear your gloves and get ready to clean those things with the basic cleaning solution that you likely prepare at home.

What Things to Consider Before Cleaning Copper and Brass Door Hardware

Brass and Copper are the two main and mostly used metals by door handles manufacturers to craft hinges and door handles that are used in modern homes. While both the metals are prone to tarnish, they can be cleaned easily at home. You should find out which metal is used to make your door handles. Is the hardware solid copper or brass or does it coated with lacquer.

Solid brass or coated door knobs

Before you start cleaning your brass based door hardware, you must detect if it is a solid brass or brass-plated steel, iron, or zinc. Brass plated hardware should be cleaned with warm soapy water mix. Use of scrubber will damage the coat and make your door hardware look ugly. You can simply put magnet to check the material type. If it sticks to the hardware, it is brass-plated product. Magnet doesn’t stick on brass.

If the door hardware is layered with glossy finish, you cannot get succeed in cleaning the subsurface material with your basic mix. To remove clear coats and work on the polish, you can apply mineral spirits or similar solvents. You can always re-apply the clear coating once you achieve the shiny clean hardware.

There are two solutions that you can prepare at home to clean brass and copper door knobs.

  1. You can create a paste from flour, vinegar, and salt. Take the ingredients in same ratio. Gently scrub with the paste onto your solid brass and copper door handle and let it sit for few minutes. After some time, you can use a soft cloth to buff the paste off to achieve a shiny hardware.
  2. Take a lemon and cut in half. Coat the open side of lemon with salt and scrub the brass and copper hardware surface to remove dirt, tarnish, and bacteria. Wipe the surface with clean cotton rug to remove residue.

Things to Consider to Clean Stainless Steel Door Hardware

Getting stainless steel shine back is a tricky part of the job. Before starting the cleaning process, you must be aware of the things you should not do to avoid damaging stainless steel material.

Main no-no’s for stainless steel-

  • Avoid chlorine bleach use or products with chloride
  • Never use steel wool and other abrasives
  • Never apply oven cleaners
  • Never use hardwater
  • Never clean warm stainless steel hardware

How to clean stainless steel-

The best way to have a shiny stainless steel door hardware is to use a soapy water mix. You can wipe the grime with soft cotton rug dipped in the soapy mixture and then rinse with clean water. For stubborn residue, you can use old toothbrush as it won’t scratch the stainless steel surface.

Tarnish word is taken from an ancient sense of things darkening. The term “tarnish” can be traced back beyond French and through to Proto-Germanic (European Language). It is nearly related to the work dark.

Tarnish is a layer of corrosion affecting a few metals. It is just like rust damaging the iron. Tarnishing occurs in metals like aluminum, copper, brass, and silver. The metal loses its bright color and relativity. Moreover, if you don’t remove the tarnish from these metals, it will turn the surface layer look grey and black.  

Door handles are usually coated with protective layer to prevent tarnishing of metal. Tarnish is generally caused when metal comes in contact with air and airborne chemicals and sulfur.

So these are some useful yet basic cleaning tips to give your door handles long-lasting impression. You can even replace your tarnished door hardware with brand new products. Many manufacturing units are providing buy-back benefits and exchange offers. Find the best reliable local door handles suppliers in your area and ask if they can provide you new product in exchange offer. This will save a lot of money.

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